Friday, May 05, 2006


I (t)read on familiar territory.


Illusionary said...

TC: to make things easier on ur readers, u could change the dates of your post, making them go backwards, so that peopel can read ur story the right way, instead of scrolling up the whole way!

Talking Contradiction said...

i dont know how to do that man. Help?

Erythrocyte said...

simple. when you have a new chapter, instead of going to create post and posting it as a new post, open your last post and choose edit, then paste it as text at the end of your existing text. you will end up with one looooong post. or if you don't want that, change the time using the options at the bottom of edit post to give artificial date and time stamps to the posts. you could for example date your first chapter 1.12.07, second 1.11.07, third 1.10.07 etc. it displays latest first.