Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Robin Hood Reloaded

Dear Wrippers,
David Miller of Bedfordshire Uni is doing a project funded by UNESCO on how people see the Robin Hood story. He feels this is specially relevant in these times of financial turmoil and growing poverty in the West. He wants us to help him by brainstorming versions of Robin Hood in India.These could be completely fictional, or based on a real character or person. He suggests Veerappan, but I thought our very own Maoists or Angulimala would be better models. Of course, Robin Hood in this country cannot escape caste, race and class.
Dave wants to produce a book which will have augmented reality (AR) features: that is, when you point your mobile phone at it, new features will pop up, like speech balloons by the character's heads, a hidden layer, an alternative story, etc. So we will also need to generate some visual content. He will do the technical stuff for this.
What he wants from us is storytellers and stories. I think he wants us to do this in Bangla (he hasn't confirmed yet) and with an Indian setting. He has plans for a graphic novel and various other spinoffs as well. I'll try and post his full project note (it's a pdf)
Please comment here if you want to be part of this project.