Friday, February 02, 2007

Way-hay! We have mun-nay!

We have been granted funding by the Seed Money fund to publish WIPlash. Everyone who hasn't yet sent me their stuff DO SO NOW. This includes anything I may have marked as suitable for WIP. Email of soft copy is best. If you don't have a comp, give it to me to be typeset. We will return pieces to be edited if they need polishing, or we may edit ourselves in consultation with authors. We are looking at about 80 pages of text and 20 of illustration. Deadline for texts is Feb 20th. NO EXTENSION!

we're also looking for illustrators for the stories and a cover designer. cover will be monochrome, can be grayscale. Apply to Teleute or Wiz of Az or comment this post.


Elendil said...

'WIPlash', I presume, is some kind of magazine or periodical, containing those essays of people who took up the course?

For illustrations I can suggest two artists from within our department:- Sria and Surojoy from UG1.

the wizard of az said...

essays? thanks. those two have been enlisted.