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caferati Listings 12: Crossposted

Caferati Listings 12

A Delhi Press magazine wants freelance writers

Delhi Press, India's largest magazine publishing house, is seeking freelance writers for a new fortnightly magazine to be launched in January.

The magazine, Caravan, will be modelled after magazines like The New Republic and The New Yorker—a text-heavy magazine dedicated to high-caliber, long-form journalism. Caravan's primary focus will be on domestic and international politics and social issues, with secondary emphasis on topics such as arts and culture, travel, sports, science and technology, environment, education and business. Any story idea is on the table, provided it would be of interest and importance to to a socially-conscious, intellectually-curious Indian reader.

Caravan also has at least one opening for a fulltime editor.

For any questions or information, contact associate editor Ben Frumin at ben DOT frumin AT delhipress DOT in or bfrumin AT gmail DOT com.

The Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize - an update

An update of the listing in Edition 10. The complete listing is:

The Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize is a cash award of one lakh rupees.
A 3-member panel of judges will shortlist entries. The 2008 panel of judges includes William Dalrymple and Kamila Shamsie.
We invite entries in the following genres: poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction (travel writing, autobiography, biography, and narrative journalism) and drama.

Open to first-time authors of all ages.
The book must be published between June 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.
Only books published in India are eligible.
Publications must be in English or translated into English from an Indian language.
Vanity press publications are ineligible.
Deadline for entries is July 15, 2008.

Jeet Thayil will be happy to answer specific questions. Please email jeet DOT thayil AT gmail DOT com. Or leave a query, with your email address, here .

Undercover Utopia invites submissions

From an email:

We have launched our imprint Undercover Utopia. The first book, November Rain, came out last month. The next one is due out next month.

As on 15th September we have opened our doors to new submissions. The website is Look for the submission tab while browsing around, or head for sitemap. We are offering some of the best terms to writers in India, though we are looking for writers from around the world. Two US writers have already submitted their complete illustrated children's books to us, and we have already signed on one Caferati member as our next novelist. His book will be out in December this year. We don't ask our writers to organize/spend on their book launches unlike all other Indian publishers. We are accepting submissions in any genre but the book has to be a novel—no short stories—a novel with a very strong plot.

Submitted by Abhigyan Jha of Undercover Utopia.

Platform magazine wants a features writer.

Platform is looking for a Features Writer interested in the creative arts for feature-based columns. Those interested please contact us at info AT platform-mag DOT com and/or ssiganporia AT gmail DOT com.

Hat tip: Danish Husain

Got a dog story?

Excerpted from an email

I am now compiling a database of real-life incidents in which Pariah/Pariah-mix dogs have proved to be good watchdogs. The data will be used by canine behaviour consultant Shirin Merchant, the WSD adoption programme and the Indian Pariah Dog Club. It will also be available online for public reference.

If you know of any street dogs/building compound dogs/pet Pariah/pet Pariah-mix dogs who have prevented burglaries and other crimes, please mail the story to wsdindia AT gmail DOT com with a copy to rajashree DOT khalap AT If you did not personally witness the event, the story must be from a reliable and named source. Please mention at least an appoximate date, the location where it occurred, and whatever information you have about the dog (age / gender / description / etc).

The Welfare Of Stray Dogs(WSD) Tel: +91 22 23733433. E:mail: wsd AT wsdindia DOT org or wsdindia AT gmail DOT com

Hat-tip: Priya Pathiyan.

State Times wants writers

A new English daily newspaper, State Times, is looking for part-time or full-time writers, news associates, investigative journalists, etcetera. Please write to editor DOT kumar AT gmail DOT com

Submitted by Ajay Kumar via the Caferati forum.

Citizens For Peace wants submissions for its Peace Tree

2nd October is no longer just an important date on the Indian calendar. It is now the day on which people across the globe will observe the United Nations Day of Non-Violence.

On this special day, Citizens for Peace, in partnership with Times of India, is planning a Peace Mela - an evening dedicated to creative expressions of the striving for peace through music, song, poetry, dance, drama, films and more. The Peace Mela will be held in Mumbai (at the Horniman Circle/Asiatic Library space ) on the evening of 2nd October. It will be a five hour long gathering of well-known performing artists as well as unknown young talent.

You are invited to participate, with poems, prose pieces, posters, photographs etc., all on the theme of peace. The Horniman Garden area will be used to display poems, photographs and prose pieces that people have sent in.
Poems: Max 150 words
Prose pieces: Max 250 words
Photographs (prints): A3 or A4 sizes
Entries to be sent by either email or post.
By email to: meghann AT mdiworld DOT com.
By courier/post to: EMDI, IES Management College, 4th Floor, Opposite Lilavati Hospital, Bandra Reclamation, Mumbai 4000 50. Ph: 26550808/26427171
Please keep copies of whatever you send. Entries will not be returned.
The last date for sending in the entries is 28th Sept.

Reminders from past issues

- The international music magazine we mentioned in Edition 11 is still open to pitches from writers
- Siyahi is still acepting submissions (Edition 11)
- The Times / Chicken House Children's Fiction deadline is 17th November (Edition 11)
- NaNoWriMo (Edition 11) sign-ups start 1st October and stay open until the end of the month
- If you have a book coming out up to 30th June next year, remember The Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize (Edition 10)
- Osians may still be looking for authors to represent (Edition 10).
- Pinstorm is still open to writer CVs (Edition 10)
- The TFA Creative Writing Awards (Edition 9) deadline is 20th October 2007.
- IFC-FT Essay Competition 2007 (Edition 8) deadline is close! 30th September 2007.
- Every Tuesday (Edition 8) is still open to story ideas.
- The Scian SciFi Short Story contest (Edition 6) deadline is around the corner! 30th September 2007.

Joy and jello,

Annie Zaidi, Manisha Lakhe, Peter Griffin

for Caferati

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