Friday, July 10, 2009


Nonsense word exercise.
By- Shayeari Dutta

Yet again, life stirred in the land of Wambo.
And yet again, life pierced its way into existence.
But the inhabitants were elated…gigantic thought-bubbles captured the coveted desire of their hearts…the desire to skate around the pulsating slimy orb of their suffocatingly tiny land and shout out to all who may hear- “bokaroo! Bokaroo at last!”
And youthful eddies of wind swooped down upon the echoes of their cry and carried them afar. The news must spread…and with that, a sudden burst of blinding light.
“that light, again!” the inhabitants exclaimed. This was the very thing they had been scavenging for all this while! “bokaroo at last!”
This light was indeed a strange creature. It had tentacles that were wax-tipped and always had a glaring tongue of fire burning at that tip. At first, it was an object of extreme paranoia. But with time, the inhabitants learnt to harness their fears and learn more about this strange creature….and so they learnt about the hypnotic powers of this flash of light…the power to distill and dispel clouds of one of the greatest things these inhabitants lacked in their lives- bokaroo! Clouds and clouds of intoxicating, rejuvenating bokaroo! Bokaroo of the sort that flushed their hearts with a cozy warmth. Bokaroo of the sort that made some of them tie their skates on to their heads and spin around till giddiness restrained their acts!
How they cherished this sudden feeling of bokaroo! Tears welled up in their eyes when sharp and stinging memory broke through the walls of their mind and reminded them of the infinite acts of desperation which they had adopted to grasp even a single wisp of this bokaroo…they had robbed chemical labs, begged at street corners, dealt with bootleggers for alluring packets screaming promises of ‘an eternal state of communion with bokaroo!’ only to be snubbed later by bitter grains of salt!
And now! Now bokaroo was in the very air!
With this they anticipated the entry of their god. The god, who would come riding the tumultuous winds with a charm that would melt the hearts of all. The god- he who is the harbinger of the elusive bokaroo that seems to take great delight in playing peek-a-boo with the inhabitants of Wambo. Now the king would come! He would come with his infant projects of urban and rural development. The government of Wambo would unthinkingly relinquish every acre of land that he has. The walls of his ridiculously tiny country would expand, every single brick would would be re-laid, far far away, and in the very heart of the country, the god’s secret laboratory would be established. Hush! The inhabitants would say, pointing bony fingers at the spherical building throbbing and vibrating with strange sounds from within… “hush! For the god is working in his great chambers for us!”
It did not seem to bother them that the god was from an alien world, that he had forced his way through, ripped through the gates of their land. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. The air of bokaroo was spread like an oxygen mask on a giant face turned pallid by dearth of oxygen. The air of bokaroo was a savior. And nothing mattered anymore….
But the oldest inhabitant remembered. He remembered the feel of a cloud of bokaroo in his palm. He was not supposed to touch it. So had the foreign god warned in his benign tone. But the cloud had rested there in the old inhabitants palm, almost as though it had a purpose to do so. At first, it just lay there, couched in his palm, purring like a contented cat, eliciting burps of bokaroo that almost tickled the inhabitant to death. But then, he slowly started feeling a pain. A distant pain, almost an out-of-body experience. But the pain escalated, it surged forth and he dropped the cloud with a loud cry. His palm was scalded, the acrid smell of roasted flesh snaked its way to his nostrils and fear gripped him tight, in a suffocating embrace.
‘I don’t want bokaroo!’ he had screamed, skating madly through the streets.
and the god directed him to be sent to an asylum.
But the truth would be told one day….some day…when the world of Wambo would care to listen to this madman.
Then, he would have horrific tales to re-count.
Tales of the chamber of the god expanding to gigantic proportions, of the great flood that the god had summoned to keep his precious chamber afloat, where millions had perished. And yet, the victorious shouts of ‘bokaroo is here! bokaroo is here!’ penetrating the eardrums. The heavens had screamed in agony, in extreme pain of what the madman did not know, and all the while that she shrieked and roared, the god had smartly pushed out his massive chamber in periodic heaves. And the chamber! The chamber was no more of the bulbous shape, now it was a creature with arms and legs! The government had cried out to the god- ‘please do not move out your project from our land! We would extend all the support that we can!’ yet, he had moved out. And with his exit, the world of Wambo had collapsed, like castles in the air built with a pack of cards…..
The land had met its own demise….
Bokaroo does not exit. Or maybe it does. But wait, of course it does!
They sell it in inconspicuous bottles without labels on them. The inhabitants of Wambo pierce their veins with syringes spurting bokaroo. Sometimes they purchase it in dark alleyways, packets of powdery bokaroo which they snort. And how it fills them with limitless bokaroo!
Ah! Bokaroo! The very source of all life!

{Wambo is a Proto-Germanic word, (hypothetical prehistoric ancestor of all Germanic languages, including English.) meaning, the womb.}

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RBC said...

A really deep piece. Probably a little revision would make it more reader-friendly, but you're struggling with big concepts here. I would prefer not to have the explanatory note at the end; the story should tell itself. Perhaps you could rework it a little to smoothen it out?