Monday, October 04, 2010

Some Admin: Marks So Far

This is the provisional and rather disorganised list of marks so far. Everyone must do at least two assessed pieces of work, so if you have only one, I need another from you quick. If you have already sent me something which I have not seen, resend it WITH WIP IN THE SUBJECT LINE AND YOUR NAME AS PART OF THE FILENAME. I will not accept files called 'story', wipstory', 'my story' and other nonsense and you know why. If you've dropped out, tell me that too.

Also: big reminder. You will have to present an ADDITIONAL FINAL STORY at the end of term. This is not part of internals, but of the end sem. It should be at least a thousand words, and at the most two thousand. I've just found out that classes end on the 5th of November, and we reopen on the 24th, so we have just ten days to finish up and present. Today we'll discuss the final stories.

Amrita Kar 7
Arijit Sett 7
Arnab Chakraborty 5
Debjanee Chakrabarti 5 + 7
Pramita Ray 4
Aparna Chaudhuri 8 + 9
Nibedita Sen 8
Zeeshan Islam 9
Rajdeep Pal 6 + 7
Soumi Sarkar 6
Ananya Adhikari 5

Debalina Chowdhury 4.5
Anurima Sen 8
Debopama Das Gupta 6.5 + 7
Diya Sinha 7
Ahona Panda 8.5 + 9
Shamim Akhtar Molla 8 + 5
Antoreep Sengupta
Malini Chakraborty
Ishan Dasgupta 8 + 8
Roopkatha Banerjee 4.5 + 4

Sorry about the weird formatting, but I can't remember the html code for tables.

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