Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Submissions So Far

Updated as of 22/9/11

Roll no Name Back1st CS/T 3rd 4th
      Deeptesh Sen 7 7
      Vikrant Dadawala 7
32  Sreyashi Mukherjee 7 6.5
      Shinjini Chattopadhyay 8 8.5
      Amrita De 6
      Barsha Saha 7 7 6
      Piali Mandal 7.5 7.5
2   Trisha Ray 9
      Dipabali Dey 7 7 6
      Piu Chatterjee
      Anushka Sen 8.5 7
     Safdar Rahman 6.5
     Anuj Raina 7
     Amrita Dutta 8
     Dipankar Lahiri 5
     Soumashree Sarkar 8
      Lav Kanoi 8 7
30   Shreya Sarkar 7.5 6 8.5 7
      Sejuti Roy 8
This is the state of things so far. Some of you need to give me one more story, and some haven't submitted anything yet. The only person to submit all four assignments is Shreya Sarkar. Piu please send me something. I need to have everything before the pujas so I can send the internal marks off. safdar, Souamshree, Anushka, Trisha, Anuj, Deeptesh, Vikrant and the Amritas need to send me more.

Note: You absolutely HAVE to send me at least two complete stories. I don't much care which two you send,. They need not even be one of the prompts we have done so far. If you send me more than two, I will take the best two.


storyteller said...

Rimi di, will you be taking the best 2 marks from the 4 assignments I have sent? Or an average of the total?

storyteller said...

Shreya (PG 2)

Deeptesh said...

I will send you two more stories by next week.

Sreyashi said...

Accha, Barsha insists from the DL right now, that she is Barsha SAHA, not Mandal OR Sarkar. :/ Placate her?