Thursday, May 04, 2006

Book of the course in press

The long wait is almost over. The book of the course, called WIPlash, has been typeset and will be okayed for printing today. I'm hoping to have copies in hand by May 15. It's 116 pages and we have a print run of 100. Here's the table of contents:
Adwaita Das
------There’s Something About Fish
Anurupa Bose
------Here Comes the Sun
Arati Banerjee
------The Birthday Treat
Bodhisatwa Dasgupta
------A Reasonable Negotiation
Hrileena Ghosh
Ishani Dasgupta
Karma Mingyur Yonzone
------I Danced Like a Bear
------Weak Hearts
------The Death of Pink
Neelini Sarkar
------Night Whispers
Pooja Das Sarkar
------The Relic
Pradipta Sarkar
Rai Ganguly
------The Kaleidoscope
Romila Saha
------Of Dreams and a Twenty-Year-Old Lottery
------Of the Love of Fathers
Sandeep Philipose Mancha
------A Tale of a Towel
Saumava Mitra
------Name Imaginary
------The Seamy Side
Shaikh Azeem Hussein
------The Train to Kolkata
Simon Andrew Jennings


Illusionary said...

rimi di...what does WIPlash mean?

Illusionary said...

oh i get it now!WIP=Writing in Practice..Im a bit slow at these things!Do you think we'll get to see the book by September?coz thats when i leave Cal.

Erythrocyte said...

As I said in the post, I'm hoping to have it in hand by the 23rd, so you guys will get copies before exams are over. We've gone slightly over budget, so we might have to give you three free copies each and charge 20 bucks for extras. that ok with you?

Talking Contradiction said...

thats fine man. DOnt worry about it.
Yay! Im gonna be a writer! yay! *jumps up with joy, hits ceiling fa, head gets chopped into fine bits, cats eat it up and leave*

Illusionary said...

oh that sounds great!!Am so excited about it coming out!!So does that mean we can say we are 'published' writers??

Erythrocyte said...

kind of, since you guys had to clear certain quality controls to get in. The book will be useful when you want to submit serious stuff to publishers. it always helps to have SOMETHING in hand.

Sue said...

Rimidi -- These kids are darn lucky. Not being sour about it, but still, they are.


Erythrocyte said...

yup. now if i can only get them to post ....

rajat said...
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rajat said...
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