Sunday, May 21, 2006

Books are coming from the binder's

The books are done, but probably I won't get time to haul them to JU before Thursday, as I have a course to conduct at the Geological Survey of India on Tuesday and Wednesday. (Please note: you probably won't see me in dept. on these two days.) Get in touch with me after that to collect your copies. I may need a couple of people to come with me to the printer's and help load up the car.
NOTE: The books are arriving on Friday morning, that is tomorrow. If you can't pick them up that day, I will store them in my room and you can meet me when convenient.


Prerona said...

Hey! Was nice meeting you. You should really think about starting your own personal blog - its fun :)
And would be fun for us to read as well. :) Take care and say hello to Robin (da)

Prerona (from the blog-meet)

Teleute said...

Let me know when you need help with the carrying.

Talking Contradiction said...

yeah, gimme a call. (yay! my first book!)

uff, i have to continue my novel in progress...sala writer's block. (i just love calling myself a writer)

somewhat superior, it makes me feel.

Illusionary said...

oh yay!Im coming to coll next on monday..will look for u then.