Monday, September 08, 2008

Exquisite Corpse, 08/09/08

This is the latest in our series of weird and wonderful collective writing jags.

‘Away!’ she cried, and ran towards the village.

‘Marie, Marie, hold on tight.’ and down we went.

We hurtled down the tunnel, taking corners at breakneck speeds, into the dark unknown.

A dust-bin to be seen and then gunshots rending the air.

A dog sniffs around near the dustbin, looking for scraps of meat.

A sudden sharp cry is heard.

A stone exploded and an enormous bird emerged, flapped its wings and flew away crying.

The bird flew over a group of children and they all heard it crying what sounded like ‘Krakao!’

Little did they know that she was their last hope.

She smiled.


Elendil said...

Krakao! Krakao!

Suki said...

Krakao and a piece of pie. And a dog and a dustbin. Oh boy.