Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Second Corpse

Both these posts are courtesy El Kay, who is not in the course but was drafted to make up an Exquisite Corps

Writing in Practice: 8 September, 2008

Results of a group experiment concerning the creation of narrative

Narrative 2

Folding a piece of paper, a crocodile was made.

He looked up with the crocodile in his hand at the clock.

The clock strikes twelve.

The flash floods come down on the desert.

There could still be tears in darkness!

Let there be light!

He said, and switched on the torch; he fumbled in the darkness with the torch on and saw a piece of pie.

His stomach grumbled.

Sorry El Kay, the iter scribentis didn't make it. In any case it won't make sense to anyone.

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Elendil said...

Strangely enough, this one pretty much makes sense.