Thursday, July 14, 2011

Animal Assignment

Assignment for Monday: Imagine you are the animal assigned to you. Concentrate on what and how the animal feels, hears, sees, touches, smells and/or tastes the world. Be in the moment. Describe a few minutes in the life of that animal. Use narrative voice in either first or third person.
No cutesy talking Disney loony-toons please. The objective of the exercise is (1) developing empathy with the character and (2) giving 'colour' or reality to the imagined world.
Those in black were present and chose their animals. Those in red were absent and have had animals assigned to them by me. If you were absent please check your animal and be ready on Monday. Any questions, call or mail me.

Sejuti horse
Shreya cat
Lav fly
Sreyashi whale
Barsha iguana
Shinjini pig
Piali dragon
Amrita De antelope
Deeptesh dog
Rudrani shark
Trisha chameleon
Lopamudra otter
Dipabali cheetah
Anuj bear
Anushka squirrel
Vikrant yak
Deblina bull
Dipankar ant
Amrita Dutta lion
Abhijit tiger
Safdar octopus
Soumasree penguin

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