Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Few Tips

First of all, fabulous work on the blog marathon. Keep em coming, they are unbelievably good.
Now there're a few things I need to mention. I've already said this in class but I guess I should make a record of it.
Sorry to introduce a note of the prosaic into the proceedings, but sigh.
1. People sending by email, please give your file a sensible name. Include your name and the name of the exercise. Currently I have about twenty files on my computer all called "wip story" "short story" or "story". Very often opening file properties yields the interesting information that the file has been created by "user". I fully understand if you want to remain anonymous, but in that case you will have to forgo the needless luxury of marks.
2. Do not put space or hard enters between paragraphs. This is only pardonable in a business letter. When did you last read a novel that had space between the paragraphs? Indent paragraphs and put dialogue on a new line. You know how this is done, you've been looking at it since you learned to read.
3. No word art, graphics or jumping jelly beans. Just the text please. Unless its a graphic story.
4. Times new roman 12 point if possible, or possibly Arial or Tahoma if you don't like Times. Do not send, for eg, in some freeware font called Gothick Grrrls or Slubberdegullion.

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Do we have class today, Rimi di?