Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sick As a Dog

Sorry people, have been struck down with a virus, as has everyone else in the house except Putlibai and one computer. Babulal too had fever for a day (an awesome sight. Everyone was subjected to concentrated cute for 24 hours). Since I can't speak much above a whisper, we won't be meeting tomorrow. But just to keep things boiling, for all those who have access to the web, post a piece here by next Tuesday.
The piece should be about a prisoner (any prisoner, you make it up. Try not to steal existing characters) and should be not more that 500 words, ie a comfortable size for a blog post.
This is like writing a poem. Every word should count. So before you post, revise ruthlessly and throw out anything that isn't totally doing its job.
Right? Let's rock.

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RBC said...

PS, don't post your piece as a comment, make a new post.